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Fee Schedule

Sean Lille M.D. fee billing schedule as of 11/7/19:

Legal Fee Schedule: Our office guidelines concerning legal testimony are as follows:

Review of Records    Initial retainer fee – total cost of initial file review (usually 2-3 hours), is due when records are received. If records are voluminous and require > 3 hours to review then an hourly fee will apply after the initial 3 hours. Subsequent hourly rate for discussion, literature review etc. ($475.00/hr.)

Written Report    Cost of written report is based on time ($475/hr) required to complete project including further file review and thorough research. A signed retainer contract is required before release of the report.

Scar Evaluation    Initial patient consultation for scarring only. This includes photographs of the scarring – $500.00, due before office visit.

Independent Medical Evaluation    Fee is due before patient’s scheduled appointment. Records should be sent prior to the appointment. If the claimant does not show for the appointment or if the IME is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled time, the fee will be forfeited.

Oral Deposition    $3200.00 –for 1-4 hours testimony.
$6400.00- for 5-8 hours testimony.

The $3200.00-$6400.00 payment is due 14 calendar days prior to the deposition date. If a deposition is cancelled within 14 calendar days from the scheduled date there will be NO REFUND. IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED THERE WILL BE NO DEPOSITION.

Expert testimony    $7,200/full day. (Time away from office) Duties that reasonably require overnight travel will be billed at $400.00/hr. (maximum 8 hrs. or lesser portion thereof on site). The cost for each travel day not in trial but required to be available is $4500/day and excludes hotel, airfare, gas (if required), and meals. Hotel and plane ticket costs will be paid before travel by the firm.

Compensation for the time away from the practice must be received by the office at least 21 days prior to the scheduled trial date. In the event of an out of court settlement, this fee will be refunded as follows:

  • Within 14 calendar days of scheduled date there is NO REFUND.
  • More than 14 calendar days of the scheduled date ½ of the fee will be refunded.
  • I have read the above, understand the conditions and will abide by the terms of this agreement, by signing and return a fax copy to (480) 661-8146.